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Click Before You Eat: Food Photography Workshop

November 15, 2017

I've been dabbling into photography in my current work, most of the time involving food. And as much as I love learning on my own, I figured I could use tons of help in this department so I started looking for food photography workshops. That's how I ended up joining a 2-day food photography and styling workshop by Photokitchen.

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February 1, 2017No Comments

AGI Open Seoul: Highlights

February 1, 2017

Well, hello there February, that was fast!

(So much has happened in 2016 and I'm just starting to process everything... Expect a lot of throwbacks for the next few days.)

Okay, first up! Last year I was stuck in a creative rut that kept me from creating outside of my daily work. I wanted to shake it off but I knew I needed a giant dose of inspiration and motivation to get the ball rolling.

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Skillshare for Lettering

January 12, 2017

Hi there!

I'm always looking for new things to try and although I love taking workshops, I often have limited time/budget that stop me from going to every workshop there is.

Enter Skillshare, a platform for skill-sharing that I swear by. What I love about it is the wide range of topics and courses you can learn from. You can pay monthly or yearly depending on how often you'd like to use it. But fret not, there's a number of amazing courses (taught by industry leaders nonetheless) that are absolutely free!

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August 4, 2016No Comments

Leather Weather

August 4, 2016

Hey there!

Have you ever wondered how those leather bags and purses are made? I have, for quite some time actually. Thanks to Alunsina! I bought this gorgeous leather notebook a few years back when I first went to 10A Alabama.

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July 27, 2016No Comments

Kapihan Sessions

July 27, 2016

Gearing up for its first anniversary, Common Room gathered its partners over the last few weekends to share a little bit about their stories.

Last July 23, it was Milk Co Ph's turn, together with Tish of Sqooid, Nikki of Tweed and Twine, Marvz of Habil, Ella Lama, Denver Garza, and John of Make it Up. It was the biggest group so far (thanks to Milk!) and the intense session wrapped up two hours late. Introductions for each of us lasted about 3 minutes minimum and from that bit alone you can guess how much info and inspo we got from each other. <3

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July 16, 2016No Comments

A Type & Lettering Workshop

In love with lettering and typography but don’t know where to start? The Love for Letters workshop will teach you the basics of drawing letters and laying them out creatively. Explore different styles and techniques, and get a crash course on brush lettering too!

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July 9, 2016No Comments

My Milk Origin Story

July 9, 2016

It was a daydream at first.

But after years of staring at blank walls, a group of young, weird, and probably burnt-out office workers decided things had to change. They had so much pent-up creative energy waiting to be released. So fate assembled them, it had to, to give birth to the creative group known as Milk Collective Ph.

I am one of them. And this is my story.

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July 9, 2016No Comments

And it’s alive!

Dear world,

Noni here! A graphic designer by day and a crafter and hobbyist at night. This is where I'd like to share my creative exploits (and fails), design inspiration, life goals, and impulse travel plans. Feel free to share this space with me, but help me keep the vibe positive. Spread nothing but love.

Elsewhere: While this is still building up, catch me and my hand-painted pouches on Instagram @nonidevora. You can also take a peek at what we do as Milk Co Ph and our products in Common Room.


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Noryden Devora — Design + Crafts    Say  

Noryden Devora — Design + Crafts