July 9, 2016

It was a daydream at first.

But after years of staring at blank walls, a group of young, weird, and probably burnt-out office workers decided things had to change. They had so much pent-up creative energy waiting to be released. So fate assembled them, it had to, to give birth to the creative group known as Milk Collective Ph.

I am one of them. And this is my story.

1990's: The beginning

I wouldn't say that I was a business genius, but early on I was spotted having an instinctive business sense. On a boat ride, I convinced a child to give me her chips paying only in friendship. In church, I asked for change when I gave P20. The list goes on. I think.

The face of a winner

The face of a winner

Grade 2, circa 1999: Apprenticeship

Being a grade school pupil was hard on my finances. I didn't get an allowance then, only packed lunches everyday. But being 8, I had to fund my plastic balloon addiction so I sought for employment opportunities. An aunt graciously let me help out making chocolates I can sell in school. It was Valentine's season. (Looking back, it's weird kids were celebrating it this early, damn capitalists)

Grade 4, circa 2001: On my own

I sold chocolates every year since then but I felt the need to venture on my own -- to create something myself. I got my first bead kit and started a craft business right inside my classroom. It was a hit! My market was already growing and reaching the adjacent classrooms when it was cut short. My underground business was discovered, confiscated, and I was done. It took years, more than decade even, to remove every sliver of this defeat.

2012: Creative Rebirth

It was not until 2012, when I had the opportunity to do crafting on the side. I created something called the "Mood Board" where I illustrated a couple in their various moods to celebrate their emotions or warn each other of impending doom.

Prototype Mood board & pouches

Didn't get a photo of the final product but this is a prototype with my face on it. And look, my first hand-painted pouches!

2012-2014: The Dreamers

I was lucky enough to be in the company of like-minded, creative geniuses at my first job. Shout out to Kai, Cheche, Chikay, Doms, Isaiah, and Fae! We all had creative projects we wanted to pursue -- wood crafts, recycling, illustration, the list goes on. Little did we know that all of that would eventually happen.

2015-2016: The Present

Fast forward to February 2015. Promises fulfilled, we formed Milk Collective Ph. Each of us has a signature product: Cheche and her watercolor artworks, Kai with the woodworks of Cut the Scrap, Doms & Chikay and their silkscreened prints and products, and my hand-painted pouches and boxes. We started off joining various bazaars and art fairs until we were "discovered" by Roma and Maan. Now, we found a home for our products in Common Room Ph.

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All our lives have led to this moment. We don't know what's in store (or out of the store *wink,wink*) for us, but we'll be ready to face it.

Now, back to work!