July 16, 2016

In love with lettering and typography but don't know where to start? The Love for Letters workshop will teach you the basics of drawing letters and laying them out creatively. Explore different styles and techniques, and get a crash course on brush lettering too!

nd workshop2jpeg


August 28, 2016     |     Common Room Rockwell    |     1 to 4pm 
Workshop Fee: P2,200

Each student gets a lettering kit with a workbook, drill sheets, pencil, eraser, ruler, watercolor brush, (UPDATE) Platinum Dual Tip Brush Pen*, gold poster color, watercolor papers, and a black sheet. Plus afternoon snacks!

*Chose to replace the Zig Fudebiyori brush pen with the Platinum dual tip brush pen because I find the dual tip very versatile.


And there's more! Each kit will be specially placed in a collab bag from Couch & Noni Devora.


If you have any comments or inquiries, e-mail nonidevora@gmail.com.