August 4, 2016

Hey there!

Have you ever wondered how those leather bags and purses are made? I have, for quite some time actually. Thanks to Alunsina! I bought this gorgeous leather notebook a few years back when I first went to 10A Alabama.

From then on I wondered how to make these beauties. I even bought  a really thick slab of secondhand leather but never got to do anything with it. Watching YouTube videos and Skillshare  classes didn't help much either. (I still love Skillshare though!)

I was able to spot a leather workshop through Satchmi a month ago, and it's by leather.phSo what happened? Scroll down for my day's highlights. 

1st batch.jpg

Caught a glimpse of the previous class still working on their leather pieces. Overtime means happy time for crafters.

Some notes from the leather workshop:

Main Leather types: Real vs Genuine

  • Real: This type of leather is real through and through.
  • Genuine: Mostly 45% real, there's a layer of vinyl or resin.
  • Tip: look at the edges: It they have the same color it's real, if it looks layered it's genuine.

Russel of showing us the color of real leather.

Tools & Materials: 

I didn't get to take photos of all the tools, but these were the materials shared with us:


A4 sized leather, waxed threads, stitching needles, snaps

Production Time

  1. First step is to create a pattern or plan the product that you want to make.
  2. Next step is to cut the leather according to the size you're gonna work with. Optional: Dye the leather with the color that you want. I want a dark brown product to match my leather journal.
  3. Fold the leather and mark it for stitching.
  4. Hammer in the stitching holes. This might look easy but keeping those lines straight is tricky.
  5. Stitching time! Straight lines please.
  6. Finish the edges with wax and rubbing.
Leather working

Trying to to act poised while stitching thick leather with this saddle contraption

Sample work

I think I have more than enough pouches in my room so something else might be fun to make. I have a couple of trips lined up, so I made a notebook sleeve that can double as a passport holder.


Yay took 3 items home! My notebook sleeve/passport holder, the demo purse, and a cord organizer.

Overall this workshop was absolutely fun. Only downside was the constant searching for tools, and the hunger games-style agawan of the tools and stump.

Also, one reason why I wanted to take a leather class, was to gain easy access to tools that I can take home after. Unfortunately, it's not included in the workshop package. No worries though, PHP 1,500 for the type of leather we used, it's already a steal.





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